London Driving Tips

Friday 25th September 2015

For those of you used to quiet country roads or count your small town B roads as ‘busy’, driving in London may come as bit of a shock. Where private transport is absolutely necessary to reach your capital city destination, use our London Driving Tips to help ensure you remain safe and fine-free.

Congestion Charge

Road sign- Congestion Charge zoneOne of the first things you should consider is the time of day you will be travelling and whether you will be affected by the congestion charge. This charge applies when you are entering the centre of London, the boundary to which is signposted to make you aware you are entering a chargeable area. If you are planning a journey and aren’t sure if you will reach the congestion charge zone, you can find a detailed map here. The current charge is £11.50 per day when driving between 07.00 and 18.00 with a large discount for residents.

Bus Lanes

Bus lanes, predominantly for public transport are indicated by a thick white line on the carriageway. A sign will indicate which vehicles can operate in this lane and the hours of operation. The types of vehicle that may be able to use a particular bus lane during the hours between 7am-7pm include licensed London taxis, motorcycles (without side cars) and bicycles. Using a bus lane when not permitted could result in a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).


To ensure your journey is as smooth as possible through London, it is important to time it well. The optimum time to travel is between 10.00 and 14.00, out of rush hour time when most are still at work. Although this is advised, it is not easy to predict when road works will be underway or diversions have been put in place.


To successfully travel in private transport through London, you need to be very aware of your surroundings. Changing speed limits, congestion charge zone signs and one way systems are rife in London as are cyclists and black cabs. If you are not familiar with central London, it is recommended that you plan your route beforehand and remove any distractions such as turning off your radio to ensure full concentration.


Parking in London can be incredibly difficult especially if you require on street parking. Spaces are very limited and you can expect to pay a large sum for a short parking time. Fines can also be hefty if you do not reach your vehicle before your time is up. Should parking in London be essential, it is best to find a Q-Park or NCP car park with clear pricing structures and providing security for your vehicle. You can find further information about where to park in London here.

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